Charlotte Belt



CZbf -- FINE-GRAINED BIOTITE GNEISS - Massive to strongly foliated; minor layers of amphibolite and muscovite schist
CZbg -- BIOTITE GNEISS AND SCHIST - Inequigranular and megacrystic; abundant potassic feldspar and garnet; interlayered and gradational with calc-silicate rock, sillimanite-mica schist, mica schist, and amphibolite. Contains small masses of granitic rock
CZv -- METAVOLCANIC ROCK - lnterbedded felsic to mafic tuffs and flowrock
CZmv -- MAFIC METAVOLCANIC ROCK - Metamorphosed basaltic to andesitic tuffs and flows, grayish green to black. Locally includes hypabyssal intrusives and minor felsic metavolcanic rock
CZfv -- FELSIC METAVOLCANIC ROCK - Metamorphosed dacitic to rhyolitic flows and tuffs, light gray to greenish gray; minor mafic and intermediate metavolcanic rock
CZq -- QUARTZITE - Massive to well foliated; contains andalusite, kyanite, or sillimanite, chloritoid, and pyrite
CZph -- PHYLLITE AND SCHIST - Minor biotite, pyrite, and sillimanite; includes minor quartzite


DIABASE - Dikes, gray to black, not shown
PPg -- GRANITIC ROCK - Megacrystic to equigranular. Churchland Plutonic Suite (Western group) - Churchland, Landis, and Mooresville intrusives
DSg -- GRANITE OF SALISBURY PLUTONIC SUITE - Pink, massive to weakly foliated. Gold Hill, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Southmont, and Yadkin intrusives
DSs -- SYENITE OF CONCORD PLUTONIC SUITE - Includes the Concord ring dike
DOgb -- GABBRO OF CONCORD PLUTONIC SUITE - Barber, Concord, Farmington, Mecklenburg, and Weddington intrusives
DOg -- GRANITIC ROCK - Locally pinkish gray, massive. to weakly foliated; contains hornblende
PzZq -- METAMORPHOSED QUARTZ DIORITE - Foliated to massive
PzZm -- METAMORPHOSED MAFIC ROCK - Metagabbro, metadiorite, and mafic plutonic-volcanic complexes
PzZu -- META-ULTRAMAFIC ROCK - Metamorphosed dunite and peridotite; serpentinite, soapstone, and other altered ultramafic rock. Only larger bodies shown
CZg -- METAMORPHOSED GRANITIC ROCK - Megacrystic, well foliated; locally contains hornblende

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