Using DOQQs with desktop GIS software

DOQQ data which comes on CD-ROM can be used with many software packages. Check your software's documentation for instructions on using JPEG images. Instructions for DOQQ use with selected desktop mapping packages are available through this page. The availability on this page of instructions for specific software packages is not an endorsement of these software packages; these are packages that NCGS staff have experience with.

Sofware packages

Arcview 3.X

Arcview 3.0a and 3.1 can be used to view DOQQ CDs available from the NCGS. How the image is used depends on the format of the CD. Twenty seven county CDs are in "Original" format. The rest of the county CDs are in "Revised" format. A description of differences in CD formats is here. There are two options when working with Arcview 3.X and DOQQs.

Use either one of the following extension to view images directly from the CD.:

The extension developed for NCDENR is compatible with header files of either format. You don't have to know what kind of CD you have, Arcview figures it out all by itself. If you move DOQQs from CDs to the hard drive, you can store DOQQs with either kind of header file in the same directory and view them together without worrying about which are "Original" or which are "Revised".

To use the extension, download the zip file and extract the *.avx file to the ext32 directory. Consult your documentation for where Arcview is installed and the location of the "ext32" subdirectory.

Once installed a new button is added to the Button Bar when a View is active. Clicking this button prompts for the location of the DOQQs.

If the CD is "Revised" format, and you do not need to view the DOQQs directly from the CD, follow these instructions:

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