Burke County, NC

This page contains information available through the North Carolina Geological Survey concerning Burke County.

USGS 7.5-minute quadrangles covering Burke County, NC

[1:24,000 scale maps for Burke County]

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Highest Point*

BurkeLong Arm Mountain (Jonas triangle)4280+Linville Falls
A "!" in the column labeled "+/!" indicates an exact elevation. An estimated elevation is indicated by "+".
*Some counties have more than one location that appear to have the same elevation. These counties show more than one entry in this table.
If you are interested in the highest elevation in every county, try this table.

NCGS Publications covering Burke County

Check back in a few months. We will be listing our publications for each county here.

Dissertations and theses covering Burke County

Copies of Ph.D. dissertations and M.S. theses at the NCGS Archdale office are listed below. These volumes are not for sale, but can be viewed at the NCGS offices in Raleigh, NC. For interlibrary loan, please check with the degree-granting institution.








Boyer, S. E. 1978 Structure and origin of Grandfather Mountain Window, North Carolina Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. dissertation 280 p. Structural geology
Manger, P. H. 1981 A structural analysis along the Linville Falls thrust fault in Western North Carolina University of Kentucky Master thesis 112 p. Structural Geology
Steele, K. F., Jr. 1971 Chemical variations parallel and perpendicular to strike in two mesozoic dolerite dikes, North Carolina and South Carolina UNC at Chapel Hill Ph.D. dissertation 202 p. Geochemistry
Verseput, T. D. 1980 Structure of the South Mountain State Park Area, Burke County, North Carolina Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) Master thesis 62 p. Geologic mapping
Zmoda, A. J. 1987 Geochemistry of volcanic rocks from the Grandfather Mountain Window, Northwestern North Carolina UNC at Chapel Hill Master thesis 115 p. Geochemistry
*Topic = A broad classification for the type of geologic research covered.
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