National Geologic Map Database User suggestions
This page provides user suggestions for the National Geologic Map Database an important technical resource for geologists. It is a collaborative effort between the Association of American State Geologists and the U.S. Geological Survey and is a part of the National Geologic Mapping Program.

At this time, seventy-two indexed primary North Carolina geologic, geophysical, geotechnical, and geochemical maps are indexed in the NGMDB. Not all of these geologic maps have been placed on our Internet map server. NGMDB database search parameters include the following themes (geology, geophysics, marine geology, resources, and hazards), county, 100K sheet, map scale, author and title.

Each indexed map is linked to its "publisher";  interested persons may contact the publisher to purchase a map or obtain additional information. Complete contact information is provided to the North Carolina Geological Survey's Map and Publication Sales Office (see below for link).

The North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS) maintains a collection of selected theses and dissertations. Parties interested in reading the complete document may do so at the NCGS office holding that document, or contact the "publisher" for the document.

First time users of the NGMDB map catalog might try the following sequence:

Geologic map catalog => Quick Search => Geology (click on bedrock) => scroll down to select state, county(ies), 100K quadrangle(s), author, or title => click on Search. After the search is complete (this could take a few minutes for a statewide search) you are offered an option (bottom of search results page) to capture the results digitally through a hyperlink (note that the search results are saved for a limited time). Select the link and save the file to your hard drive, then open the file in MS Word.

While the output screen file on a statewide search (e.g., all maps) provides a breakout of maps by scale, the generated output pile does not retain this information but it does alphabetize the search results. Users may find it convenient to search by one scale (e.g., 1:24,000) to extract that set of maps, then search by another map scale and extract that set separately.

For additional information

For additional information, contact Jeff Reid at the North Carolina Geological Survey at 919.733.2423 x403 or by e-mail at Contact the NCGS Map Sales office here.

Last Modified: October 3, 2003