Crushed stone (aggregate)
Sump (water conservation)

This sump occupies the lowest elevation in this crushed stone quarry -- 250 feet in elevation below the surface. Note conveyor (upper right corner of image) for scale, and the steeply dipping foliation (attitude) of the rock.





Water in the crushed stone quarry is collected at the lowest elevation in an area called a sump (left).

In this quarry the water is conserved and recycled to wash the crushed stone in the sizing plant. The submersible pump (below) is powered by a 250-horse power electric motor. A motor this powerful is needed because the water has to be lifted almost 250 feet in elevation to the land surface to discharge the water. The water delivery pipe that carries water to the surface sizing plant is shown in the upper right corner of this image.

At the surface at this crushed stone operation is a pond (not shown) that is used to recycle and conserve product wash water used in the sizing plant.

Submersible pump is powered by a 250 horsepower electric motor. Note water delivery pipe in upper right corner of image.