Crushed stone (aggregate)
Sizing plant

Rock arrives at the surge pile from the primary and secondary crusher by conveyor. Crushed stone is drawn from the surge pile by a conveyor system. The large metal cylinder in the mid-center of the image is where material leaves the surge pile for the sizing plant.  



The crushed stone from the secondary cone crusher is transported to the surface sizing plant. The first stop is the surge pile where the crushed stone is temporarily stored before being further crushed, screened and washed to make the final shipping products. 

A complex series of crushing, screening and washing steps in a sizing plant (below) are used to produce different rock sizes.

The following section shows the different rock products that are produced in a typical operation such as this.


This sizing and wash plant make different crushed stone products based on size.  The crushed stone is sold FOB at the mine site and is loaded on to commercial dump trucks for transport to areas where road material or concrete is being made.