Crushed stone (aggregates)
Loading haul trucks from the mine face

Loading haul trucks -- 50-ton truck being loaded by a shovel with a 7.5 cubic yard capacity bucket.







Trucks with a capacity of up to 50 tons haul rock from where it is blasted and loaded by hydraulic shovels to the primary crusher. For scale note man in window haul truck (left).

The machine (below) is used to reduce the size of oversize rock so that it will enter the primary crusher. It is working on a bench.

The natural grain of the rock in the bench face is foliation. The foliation dips steeply to the left (toward the west). Some other examples of geologic features can be seen in this quarry. Click here to see some geologic features.

This machine uses a hydraulic hammer to reduce oversized blast rock to a size that can be accommodated by the primary crusher. The machine is working on a bench.