Crushed stone (aggregates)
Haul trucks

Haul trucks -- these diesel-powered trucks carry up to 50 tons per load from the blast face to the primary crusher.





Diesel-powered haul trucks (left) with a capacity of up to 50 tons haul rock from where it is blasted and loaded by hydraulic shovels to the primary crusher. For scale a six-foot man about as tall as the axle of the truck. You may recognize a driver in the truck cab.

Haul trucks are in continuous operation throughout the day. Safety is very important. The drivers follow strict speed and traffic rules. All mine personnel undergo regular safety training.

A truck like this has a 650-horse-power engine. This is about three times more powerful than a standard car.  Trucks and their engines are maintained on site by a well equipped mechanical shop.

Water trucks (below) keep the haul road wet from the primary crusher to the mining face to reduce dust. Water trucks also wet down other mine roads as well.

Haul roads are kept wet by water trucks to reduce dust. The water truck has also 'wet down' the broken rock ('muck pile') to reduce dust.