Dimension stone (Salisbury area granites)

'White granite' end member of granites of the Salisbury area. Coin is about 27 mm in diameter. Courtesy of the Rockwell Granite Co.


The colors of the granite of the Salisbury, NC area range from white to pink. These rocks are sold under a variety of trade names. This sequence of images is from the Rockwell Granite Company.

Nearby, the Rock of Ages Corp. produces similar dimension stone. According to that company's literature ASTM test data is:

  • Absorption: (C97) Average Absorption is 0.220%;

  • Compressive strength (C170): Average Compressive Strength (psi) is 41,459;

  • Modulus of Rupture: (C99) Average Modulus of Rupture (psi) is 1,606; and

  • Flexural Strength (C880): Average Flexural Strength (psi) is 1,472.

These two images show the Rockwell Granite Company's white granite's polished surface (left), and the rough block surface (below).

This is a close up view of a block ready for shipping. The 27 mm diameter coin rests in a drill hole used to define the block's edge.