Dimension stone (Salisbury area granites)
Mining (continued)

Individual blocks await shipment. Ninety-nine percent of these blocks are destined for overseas markets.


Individual quarried blocks weigh between 36,000 - 38,000 pounds. Most producers stencil their branded name on each block. Some producers also include a block number.

Quarried blocks are temporarily placed in a staging area prior to shipment (left). Blocks begin their journey when a loader picks them up from a staging area and places them on a flatbed truck (below).

The quarried blocks are shipped overseas to Taiwan, Jakarta (Indonesia), Europe (Italy), Asia, and Japan in cargo containers. Most of these rocks are shipped through Port of Savannah, Georgia. 

About 20% of these blocks are destined for finished or sawing in the United States.

Broken blocks are used for 'Philadelphia curbing'

Loader just after placing quarried granite block on transport truck.