Dimension stone (Salisbury area granites)
Color and texture (continued)

 Polished sawed surface of pink phase of the granites from the Carolina Quarries, Rock of Ages, Corp., Salisbury, NC  area. 

According to the literature of one producer, Rock of Ages, its rock properties are:

  • Absorption: (C97) Average Absorption is 0.159%;

  • Compressive strength (C170): Average Compressive Strength (psi) is 36,089;

  • Modulus of Rupture: (C99) Average Modulus of Rupture (psi) is 2,028; and

  • Flexural Strength (C880): Average Flexural Strength (psi) is 1,906.

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These images show the color and texture of the pink phase of the granites from the Salisbury area, NC; polished sawed surface (left); rough surface (below). These images are of rock at the Carolina Quarries Division of Rock of Ages Corp.'s, Quarry Division.

 Click here for a map showing the location of dimension stone producers in the Salisbury area. This dimension stone is sold under a number of trade names. Other nearby producers in the Concord, NC area are also shown on the map.

The 1985 Geologic Map of North Carolina is the source of the geology on the location map. Use the back arrow of your Internet browser to return here.

Unpolished pink granite from the Salisbury area, NC.