Color and texture

Flagstone produced from metamorphic rock, Asheville, NC area. Coin diameter is 27mm.

Split rock is sized using a hydraulic splitter. 

A wide variety of rock products fit into this category. These pages provide an overview of the many types of rock marketed as flagstone. They range from river rock (rounded and unrounded) and a wide variety of flat or nearly flat stone.

The color, shape, texture, and rock type are varied. Click here for a map that shows the location of permitted active and inactive flagstone producers in North Carolina. Click here for list containing contact information.

Individual operations range from very small to much larger corporate operations which sell flag stone to large retail garden and retail chains.

Rock is extracted and split (left center); considerable hand trimming is needed although some mechanization is used. The mining and preparation for shipping is very labor intensive.

While most rock is split from a variety of metamorphic rocks, some rounded river rock is produced (lower right). All these products are marketed under a variety of trade names.

Rounded river rock is yet another type of flagstone that is marketed in North Carolina.