Dimension stone (Concord area syenite - 'granite')
Color and texture

Polished syenite from the Concord area, NC. Coin is 27 mm in diameter.

Concord polished syenite facing the First Citizens Bank building, Raleigh, NC. 

Syenite is commercially classified as a granite. It has been mined from the Concord area, Cabarrus County, NC. This area is near Salisbury, NC where granite dimension stone is quarried.

This syenite rock is coarse grained, light bluish gray and  is composed of potassium feldspar, augite, plagioclase and hornblende.  Click here for a map showing quarry locations with a geologic map base -- use the back arrow of your browser to return to this page.

The syenite body is in an elliptical outcrop pattern approximately 5.5 miles in diameter. First quarried for railroad ballast about 1903, it is now used as a beautiful polished stone. It has a crushing strength of 20,596 pounds per square inch. It is marketed under a number of commercial names. Both textured and polished surfaces are available. The quarry is operated intermittently to meet special requests. 

An excellent example of the finished stone is the First Citizens Bank building in downtown Raleigh, NC (lower left and below). 

This view of the north wall of the First Citizen's Bank building in Raleigh, NC .